Games & Gala 2022 Sign up for Silent Auction
The auction is now open! 
How to participate in Silent Auction: 
The Richardson East Rotary Club has teamed up with QTEGO for the 25th Games & Gala silent auction this year. This means that you do not have to be present to bid on one of the silent auction items. All bidding is done through your cell phone!
Here's how it works:
Go to this link: Https:// and register your cell phone number with QTEGO.  Once your phone is registered, you may submit your bids via a website. 
Registering only takes a few minutes:
  1. First, you need to enter your first and last name along with your cell phone number, email, and credit card information.
  2. Second, you will receive a confirmation text confirming that you are registered and ready to BID!  
  3. Third, at the end of the link, you will see a 4-digit code that you will need to use to sign into the bidding site if you wish to use your computer or tablet to bid.  It is not needed to bid using your phone
  4. Finally, to bid with your phone, go to the link in the text message you received, in step 2, above. The link is unique to you, so please do not share it with anyone. 
  1. Access the website by clicking on the link at the bottom of the 2nd Qtego (79230) text message you receive upon registering your phone. 
  2. Once on the website, you will be able to see the items, bid on items, donate, and track all your bids.  You can also bid using your computer or tablet by signing in with the 4-digit code.
The Silent Auction is NOW open!  Register using the link above and start shopping!