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Richardson East Rotary Club

Charter Members of the Richardson East Rotary Club.


The Richardson East Rotary Club was chartered in September, 1985,
with 24 members (3 of which are still members today).
Those members listed on the charter are:

Wes Barton
David Blanchard *
Ron Bone
Jim Coleman
Dan Collins
John Coulter
Bill Dexter
Ted Ellis *
J. B. Forrest
Chip Good
Gary Hatfield
Wes Hayes (retired 2008)
Robert Hsueh
Cliff Huffhines
(Cliff was a charter member of the Richardson Rotary Club in 1938, and its first president. He died 02/06/1996)
Bill Irion
Mike Johnson
Dick LaBrie
Dan Lewis
David Loughridge *
Richard McCarthy
Will Richardson
Volney Shields **
Jim Smiddy
Phillip Watts

* - Denotes current member
** - Was named an honorary member in 2007. Volney died December 8, 2008

The original Board of Directors was:

President...............Volney Shields
President-Elect.........David Loughridge
Secretary...............John Coulter
Treasurer...............Chip Good
Sergeant-at-Arms........Will Richardson

Program Director........Dick LaBrie
Bulletin Editor.........Jim Coleman
Club Service............Gary Hatfield
Vocational Service......Dan Collins
Community Service.......Jim Smiddy
International Service...Robert Hsueh

For our boards since 1985. visit our previous boards page

Club Meetings

The club met originally at the Picadilly Cafeteria, in the Richardson Square Mall, at the intersection of Plano Road at Belt Line. Meetings were then moved briefly to Gallagher's (now Humperdinks Restaurant), on Central Expressway. The club then moved to the Holiday Inn, then to the Clarion Hotel, which became the Radisson, and now is the Doubletree. In December 2004, our club meetings moved to the Richardson Hotel (now the Hyatt), at Campbell and 75, and in January 2007, meetings moved to Swan Court. The club moved to Canyon Creek Country Club in July, 2008.
However, an article in the Richardson Daily News for October 22, 1985 indicated that the club was meeting then at the Holiday Inn.

The Richardson East Rotary Club's Charter Banquet was held on Friday, November 15, 1985 at the Holiday Inn. Past District Governor Bill Aston was the featured speaker, and entertainment was provided by the Rotary Chorus.

One of the clubs first service projects was to build a softball field at the Richardson YMCA.


Club Presidents

Starting in our charter year, there have been 28 members who have served as President of our club.
18 Past Presidents (as denoted by *) are still members in good standing with the Richardson East Rotary Club.

The presidents of our club have been as follows:

1985-1986 Volney Shields (# - 12/08/2008)
1986-1987 Dave Loughridge *
1987-1988 Will Richardson
1988-1989 T.J. Martin
1989-1990 John Coulter
1990-1991 Wes Hayes
1991-1992 Ted Ellis *
1992-1993 Dick LaBrie
1993-1994 Doug Crosby *
1994-1995 Wendall Ritz *
1995-1996 Dot McCalpin (# - 06/13/2011)
1996-1997 Bruce Rozek
1997-1998 Faye Willis *
1998-1999 Chuck Manthey *
1999-2000 Tom Brooks *
2000-2001 Tom Hummel *
2001-2002 Ken Schwartz *
2002-2003 George McKearin *
2003-2004 Kathy Higgins *
2004-2005 Byron Johnson *
2005-2006 David Frazee *
2006-2007 Joe Allinder *
2007-2008 Jim Henderson *
2008-2009 Miki Mankin
2009-2010 Karen Ellis *
2010-2011 John Hendry
2011-2012 Per Treven *
2012-2013 Monica Weinman *

(#) - Denotes person was a full member until the time of their death.


Club Service

Our club has sponsored students with college scholarships, scholarships to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award), and supported elementary school programs with monetary and time contributions. We have also been instrumental in supporting and working with the City of Richardson at Santa's Village, where we have manned and maintained "KELF-TV" for many years. Our club has also worked with the City of Richardson on Leadership Grove, planting trees named for outstanding citizens at the Richardson City office complex at Arapaho and Central Expressway.



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