We did it!  With the hard work and teamwork of our Richardson East Rotary Club members, we successfully held our 25th Anniversary Games & Gala event.  We had a very successful evening with a strong silent auction, call to action segment, casino bucks and Head or Tails sales that will undoubtedly help put us over the top on our goal for the night!

We don’t have final numbers yet, so stay tuned, but we know it was successful.   Gala is more than just a money raising evening too.  It is a great time to highlight all the good work we do in our community.  And I think we were able to do a great job highlighting what our Rotary club stands for.  Your legacy is strong and the meaningful impact on the community is apparent.  So I consider our event a home run on so many levels once again this year.  Thank you for making all this possible!

Stephanie South

Gala Chair




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