On 11/15 we had the great opportunity to listen to presentations from 2 of the RYLA recipients from International Leadership of Texas, Acacia Huang and Peter Feng. They shared their life changing experiences they received through RYLA.
Acacia stated "RYLA taught me so much. I learned the importance of being perceptive to the people in my team and conditions around me, of being flexible and adaptable, of being able to fill any role that the team needs rather than always seeking the paradigm leadership position, and helping your team to play to everyone’s strengths and support each other through working on our weaknesses."
Peter's takeaway from RYLA was: "RYLA has been a life-changing experience for me. I have been to many summer camps before, but I feel like RYLA is the place where people care about my personal growth and connections."
You can see their full RYLA presentations here:
For more information about the RYLA program:  https://ryla5810.org